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what abuna is
doing for afghanistan?

Abuna is leading a task force started in August 2021, networking with various organizations, movements and collectives of Brazilian and international civil society, coordinated by Pastor José Prado, President of Abuna and member of the global leadership of the Refugee Highway Partnership - RHP .

Abuna's objective is to join forces in a synergistic movement to provide comprehensive assistance to Afghan families, especially vulnerable and persecuted minorities in Afghanistan, in the face of the current humanitarian crisis.

This initiative is also connected with other international organizations and global networks, such as the RHP - Refugee Highway Partnership, which are currently seeking concrete and urgent responses for the Afghan people.


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Partner institutions

- Abuna

- Aprisco

- Al Hayat Brasil


- Frontiers Brasil
- Hikmah International Ministries

Supporting Institutions

- International Association of Women Judges
- National Association of Judges



- Barnabas Fund Brasil
- Defense Affairs and Strategic Studies Committee - OAB/MS

- Human Rights Commission of the 33rd Subsection of the OAB/SP

- OAB/SP 33rd Subsection

- Comissão de Direito e Liberdade Religiosa da 21 Subsecção da OAB/SP

- OAB - Mato Grosso do Sul Subsection
- Senator's Office Soraya Thronicke/MS

- Senator's Office Wellington Fagundes/MT
- Center for Scientific Studies on Vulnerabilities of the Federal University of Mato Grosso
- Christian Community Association of São Carlos/SP
- First Baptist Church of Vinhedo
- Christian Association for Social Support of Ituberá
- Christian Missionary Unity
- Pluripovos Institute
- MAC – Brasília, DF
- Global Ethnos Institute
- Refugee Highway Partnership - Brazil

- Instituto Família Digna

our goals

Abuna's job is to intervene in the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, promoting the rescue of the greatest number of people who need to leave the country. So far we have received more than 2000 rescue requests, which we intend to respond to by helping to evacuate people from Afghanistan with the help of our partner institutions and resettlement in host countries.

With the consent of the Brazilian government, we will be able to increase this number to be able to meet all requests that reach us. As this is a global operation, we intend to welcome in Brazil those who have family members in the country or who cannot be welcomed in other countries. Our group is mainly formed by Christian families, judges, university professors and other leaders persecuted by the current regime.


The resources for the relief of these sheltered families are destined from air and land transport, to their maintenance in the place where they are provisionally settled. That is, they cover housing (provisional or permanent), food, language study, professional training, support in the search for documents and validation of higher education diplomas, in addition to psychosocial and medical support to be provided by a multidisciplinary team.

We also have a network of organizations, in addition to the aforementioned institutions, committed to the support and material and emotional support of families.

Some of the rescuers are related to Afghan residents or citizens of Brazil. Several people have a passport, others just an identity document. A few young children have no documents other than a birth certificate.


All support is welcome!

What are we doing

Our work seeks to promote comprehensive assistance to Afghans who are at risk of violence and cruelty practiced against themselves and/or their families. All the assistance we offer is accompanied by qualified professionals, adapting to the consular procedure, being developed in stages that will include small groups of families at a time.

In summary, the work is divided into the following steps: 1. On-site support; 2. Transfer; 3. Reception and Reception; 4. Settlement. We also have a team of volunteers, who have been raised through selection and with the supervision of a technical team that provides psychological support and case analysis.

Initially, the Abuna asked the President of the Republic to urgently release humanitarian visas, which are crucial for the rescue of the Afghan families who asked for help.

participate! be the answer!

Did you feel encouraged and challenged to respond to Afghan families?

You can help vulnerable families in a very practical way.

It's simple! donate now!


Bank - Banco do Brasil

Branch: 8053-5

Account: 36.341-3

CNPJ 29.615.177/0001-84


IBAN – BR24.000000000.8053.0000.363413.C1

For your donation to be directed to this campaign, send us the receipt by email to, or by WhatsApp: 44.9.9117-8644 with the word "AFGHANS".

For other forms of donation, please contact:

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