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settlement program

The first step to apply to our program is the complete fulfillment of the following Application. Please, read carefully the General Instructions and respond accordingly.


Before completing the FORM, please read the following instructions.

This FORM contains the required questions to compile relevant information to the analysis of your program application, such as the circumstances concerning your present status and the reasons that made you leave you country of origin or habitual residence.


Complete all questions. In cases in which the question does not apply to your situation, write NOT APPLICABLE. Do not leave blank spaces.

If you do not understand a question, ask for help before answering. You can reach us at Whats App +55 44 9.9117-8644.


It is important that you know that all information relating to your application on this program is confidential.



In cases of family groups, each individual over 18 years old must complete a specific form.


The information in this form will be used as evidence to base the decision on your humanitarian claim. Therefore, it is essential that all information provided is true and as complete as possible.

The proof of the falsity of the information in this FORM might entail the denial, suspension, or revocation of your participation in the Humanitarian Program.


Along with this form you must present the original version of your documents from your country of origin or habitual residence (passport, identity, and any other documentation that you own). If you don’t have any documentation, you should explain in the appropriate fields of this Form the reasons for not owning it.


You can also attach other documents you believe are relevant to your refugee claim, including proof of membership in political organizations, medical or psychological reports, police report, business registration, newspaper clippings, visas or travel documents (plane ticket).


If this form was filled out with interpreter assistance, he/she must sign the Interpreter related field.

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If you are at risk and want to apply for the Abuna Humanitarian Settlement Program, please fill in our initial form.

To access the form, just click on the button below.

Note: Please Fill the Form In English or Portuguese.


contact us

If you have any questions, please contact us by email:
Or, if you prefer, contact us on WhatsApp: +55 44 99117-8644

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