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In the transition between urban and rural zoning in Maringá-PR, 15 minutes from the center, an old industrial warehouse is undergoing a true metamorphosis. With 420 m2 of built area and 3,400 m2 of total area, our Abuna Socioambiental Space is being managed there.

Today it already houses our warehouse and Abuna Agroecology. With the reforms, it will be the lever for our projects in the post-pandemic! More than a place of services, it will be a strategic meeting point and transformation for different groups: refugees, migrants, volunteers, environmentalists, social mobilizers, dedicated ... involving all age groups, from children to the third age.

It will be our vocational launching platform, an incubator for social and environmental projects, in short, a place where the beauty of everything the Eternal has done and does can be seen and experienced.


It will also be a space for the protection, restoration, and promotion of animal and plant life. The love we have for the Creator naturally leads us to love creation. Space will overflow with sustainability. We will produce organic vegetable, fruit, native and ornamental seedlings. Through them, we will promote reforestation and recovery projects in degraded areas.

Here we will also have a place to receive,

take care and give back to nature small animals

and birds seized from the trafficking of animals.

Our first “guest” was this beautiful owl,

already received, treated,and released ...

Everything here will breathe life,

restoration, diversity, celebration!


But how?

The poet has already said that “a dream that is only dreamed is just a dream that is dreamed only. A dream that is dreamed together is real... ”. The synergy of small forces is capable of great achievements. Yes, our dream is big and we strongly believe that it is worth it. Everything we do is through voluntary donations.

 Any contribution is welcome!

Click on the button below to see how to turn this dream into reality.

As it was before ...

How is it getting,

after reforms:


You can be part of these actions of environmental transformation and reform of ESPAÇO ABUNA, through your donation. Click the button below to cooperate now!

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