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Write a letter to a persecuted Christian

In various parts of the world, our brothers and sisters find themselves in prisons, refugee camps, or in tiny apartments, in extremely unsanitary conditions, for not accepting to deny their faith in Christ.

Alone, without guarantee of impartial judgment or support, receiving a letter of encouragement from a brother in the faith can make a real and tangible difference.

Why write letters?

Every day they face threats from radical people who are not responsible for their actions. They suffer loneliness and isolation, with little access to the outside world. It is worth saying that, for our imprisoned brothers, the letters do not always arrive. But the guards or the people in the government who are chasing them will probably read! Anyway, if they are not used to encourage our brothers, they will be to witness and evangelize others.



Consider joining us to write letters to Christians who are isolated, prevented from having a “normal” life because of their faith. Fill out the form below and we will send you more information with everything you need to write your letters, and even organize a small letter-writing event.

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MEET OUR BROTHERS persecuted, imprisoned and refugees.



Talita (fictitious name)

Refugee | 40 years

Poor, Christian, at the age of 16, was kidnapped, sold, and forced to marry a stranger from a large, wealthy, and influential family of another religion. From forced marriage, two children were born to him.

In a rush of despair, she manages to escape. Welcomed by an institution, she goes to court, asks for custody of her children, and miraculously wins the case. On the day of delivery of the children, the children are "kidnapped" in a false operation set up by the children's father.

As a Christian, she is sworn to die. With the help of family members, she manages to escape to another country. There, the refuge institute is not recognized, so she soon became an irregular immigrant. If found by the police, she will be arrested. She continues to live in constant tension and fear. As the years go by, physical and emotional illnesses manifest themselves. They become chronic. She battles. She insists. Your faith in Christ sustains you. Today she is 40 years old.

She prays that she will be welcomed by another country and for her physical and emotional health.


Fátima (fictitious name)

Refugee | 49 years

Pakistani Christian, 49, teacher, single, forced to flee her country in 2013 due to death threats. Pakistan is one of the worst places in the world for people with its profile: woman, single, Christian. The most unfair and unfounded accusations are grounds for imprisonment, stoning, burning with acid, and, finally, death. Fátima spent the last 5 years hiding in 5 different countries.

In one of our conversations, she shared that she carried enormous guilt and pain for understanding that her mother, who died in this period in exile, had given up living because of her persecution. "I couldn't even bury her. I didn't even say goodbye." Weeks ago her brother was tortured and executed by the same people who are persecuting her. She left a wife and three children.

She prays that she will be welcomed by another country and for her physical and emotional health.


Elizabeth (fictitious name)

Refugee | 51 years

Born in Rwanda, widow, mother of two, 51, survivor of the genocide, persecuted, on her journey in search of safety, she and her children passed through 2 African countries that denied her protection. With the help of UNHCR, they were sent to a country in Asia, where they have been for 10 years. Unfortunately, this change proved to be a huge mistake (could be avoided!), This country is known to be extremely racist with Africans. Because of this, they have already suffered several attacks, verbal and physical, and are discriminated against daily in different ways.

ABUNA has been accompanying this family since 2016 and has done everything in our power to achieve new resettlement.

PRAY for them, who despite suffering countless attacks, remain firm in the faith and bearing fruit where they are. Pray that they will be resettled, for physical and emotional health, support, and deliverance from all harm.

Arrested Christians

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Youcef Nadarkhani

Pastor | Arrested

Pastor Youcef, born in 1977 in Iran, has been in prison for his faith in Christ since July 2018. He was beaten in his own home and one of his children was also attacked with an electric weapon during his arrest.

Unfortunately, Pastor Youcef and his family are well acquainted with this type of treatment by the Iranian government, has faced constant persecution because of their faith since he was first arrested in 2006. Pastor Youcef has always defended his family and his faith, even in the face of terrible persecution.

Pray for Pastor Youcef, his wife Tina, and their children Daniel (2002) and Yoel (2004). May he be released soon, may he stand firm in the faith and be able to testify during the time of incarceration. Pray also for all Iranian Christians, to remain firm in the faith.

If you want to be part of this project and support Christians persecuted, imprisoned, or refugees for not denying their faith, through a letter of love and encouragement, fill out the form below.

You will then receive an email with instructions on how to proceed.

thanks for joining forces!

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