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Write a Letter to a Persecuted Brother

The Abuna Agroecologia is a ...
"Program aimed at preserving life and the environment, combining principles of permaculture and agroecology as tools to promote socio-environmental justice, especially in vulnerable communities, to guarantee food security, economic sufficiency, and preservation of ecosystems".

Agroecology understands agriculture from an ecological perspective, broadly approaching agricultural processes, seeking not only production but also and mainly the balance of the total ecosystem.

Permaculture, on the other hand, combines ancestral knowledge from several original peoples with the most advanced scientific discoveries, in various areas, to create sustainable communities. Its 3 ethical principles are: caring for people, caring for the land, and fair sharing.

Abuna assumes these values and, to articulate them in a vision, it created Abuna AgroEcologia, our agroecological arm.

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