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We are a Brazilian, non-profit organization formed by people who understand life - all kinds of life - as a sacred gift, full of intrinsic dignity. Joining forces, we decided to reach out to the most vulnerable, starting with refugees, persecuted ethnic minorities, and small rural communities at social risk. Serving in different ways, walking with them until, together, we can celebrate the wealth and beauty of all people, cultures, and all creation.

In other words, through concrete acts of love, solidarity, generosity, and justice, we sow life and hope.

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Our Mission

Know our mission and our principles.

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Our History

Learn a little about our history.

We fight against: violence, prejudice, racism, xenophobia, religious persecution, slave labor, sexual exploitation, human trafficking, trafficking in wild animals, deforestation, and any aggression to the environment. Yes, there is much to be done.


Every life matters. Every act matters.

ABUNA believes and practices in networking and partnership. We are a member of the following international networks:
- RLP (Religious Liberty Partnership): a network of organizations that defend religious freedom;
- RHP (Refugee Highway Partnership): a network of organizations that serve refugees;
We are also strategic partners of React Services (USA) and ETNOS (Thailand).




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