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The Araucaria, the symbol tree of Paraná, is native to the southern region of Brazil and has been at critical risk of extinction since 2016. We failed to preserve it. It is necessary to reforest to resist.

The intense commercial exploitation of wood, illegal deforestation of native areas for real estate development, global warming, and the absence of conservation strategies are factors that, combined, will result at the end of the species in 50 years.

In the Tupi language, the natives called it Curi, thus giving rise to the name of the city of Curitiba (a lot of pine, or a lot of pine nuts). Its life spans an average of 200 to 300 years and can reach 500 years!

An important component of the Atlantic Forest, the araucaria can reach a height of 50 meters. The pine-nut, its seed, is very appreciated in cooking and a source of income for small farmers, who can still cultivate the mate herb, which grows in its shade.










ABUNA's mission is to take care of people and take care of the land. Our agroecological arm @agro.abuna is committed not only to preserving, but also to reforesting. In our agroforestry, we are planting araucarias.


Paraná, unfortunately, was the state in the southern region that almost destroyed the Atlantic Forest in 2020, with an area of 1,361 hectares cut down, 98% larger than in 2019.

We want to resist, informing, raising awareness, and mobilizing actions that invert this reality of exploitation and extinction.

Together we can make a difference. The environment, creation and the Creator are grateful. Come with us!

(Data from MapBiomas)



Você pode ser parte destas ações de transformação ambiental e reflorestamento do Projeto Araucária, através de sua doação. Clique no botão abaixo para cooperar agora!

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