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The beginning of Abuna is connected to the pastoral ministry of Rev Jose & Val Prado in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

With 28 years blessed ministry journey covering since music, theological and missiological teaching, pastoring, executive director of transcultural mission agencies, urban ministries, in 2013, responding to an emergency call, they sheltered a Syrian family fleeing the war, with 18 people, including the 80 years old great-grandparents and children 7 YO.

This was a deeply human and spiritual experience for all involved, as they were able to recognize their common humanity although the huge linguistic and cultural barriers. A few weeks later, the Prado family resigned to their pastoral position in the church to voluntarily serve new arriving Syrian refugee families in Sao Paulo.

In the following months, a dozen refugee families were helped. A small welcome and care system was created with many volunteers presenting to serve. Teams were established with different responsibilities, from welcoming the families at the airport with Arabic interpreters to providing houses full furnished, without cost to the refugees. Others were responsible to go with them to Brazilian documents, others willing themselves to teach Portuguese classes, others find job opportunities and still others offered to take care of the families’ physical and dental health. Several friends joined the initiative by offering financial support.

In 2017 this movement was registered in Brazil as a nonprofit organization called Abuna aiming to catalyze even more support towards refugees worldwide.


Among other actions, since then, Abuna sheltered, cared, and integrated 84 refugees to the Brazilian society, from 11 different countries: Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Palestine, Egypt, Yemen, Libya, Pakistan, Congo, Haiti, and Venezuela, and religious backgrounds: Muslims, Druses, Christians Orthodox, Protestants, and Evangelicals.


In 2019 Abuna started operating in Thailand and 2021 in Spain.

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