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Surprised by the joy.

You know when you get ready, you care about the present, but the person's reaction to receiving it is so indescribably cute that it takes you by surprise and you end up being gifted?

A few days ago he had asked me for a Bible in Portuguese. Arriving in Brazil in March, at the beginning of the quarantine, deprived him of many things. He suffered a lot, but little by little, with sacrifice and willpower, he has risen. I am sure that your faith in Christ has a fundamental role in this process.

I made a long dedication trying to convey the importance of the content. I remembered the times when I was encouraged and strengthened by reading the book dedications I received. What was not my surprise when, when delivering it, he made a point of reading, concentrated, in a great effort, word for word, with a strong accent, making comments that expressed his full understanding of the text.

Today I was presented (once again) by a vulnerable immigrant. I was enriched by your apparent poverty. His gratitude and joy infected me. It's always that way. I collect moments like this. That is why I always say to myself: loving is worthwhile, serving is worthwhile, giving oneself, sharing is worthwhile… even though the cost is always high.

Thank you for walking with us. Who prays, writes, invests, encourages. I wish I could feel the same joy that I felt today when I heard those truncated words ... They told me that he will read the whole book ...

May tomorrow come. He will be there. Ready to meet us and surprise with your grace and love. Shalom. Salam.

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