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The day I planted my first araucaria.

It is difficult to describe my joy and sense of accomplishment. Nowadays planting a tree has become an act of protest and resilience. Today, in an ecological extravaganza, we were able to plant several: banana trees, pau-d'alho, jatobá, ipê-roxa, guapuruvú, jacaranda-carobá, sabias fruit… and one that carries a special meaning: the araucaria! A majestic tree, the symbol of Paraná, but because of human greed is at extreme risk of extinction.

The days have not been easy. In the middle of a pandemic, thousands continue to be forced to flee their homes to survive. Worse. They have been rejected! On the other hand, what about the images of our burning forests and thousands of dead and injured animals and birds? situations that cause me intense pain, more than I can handle.

What to do? Between the paralysis of anguish and the naive hope of life, there is a narrow thread of faith. I clung to it and I have been fighting desperately against this death system with small possible revolutionary acts of love. Rejoice with me! Today I planted my first araucaria !!! a small tree that can live from 400 to 700 years!

This narrow thread of faith, against all circumstances, continues to tell me that it is necessary to love and care for hurt and rejected people, only then will I experience my essence, the community for which I was created. It also says that it is necessary to love, protect and restore Creation, even if it was our last day on earth.

Today, in the garden, I was not alone. My son Gabriel and his fiancée Stefani were with me, working in silence. I was the one who was next to them. I don't know if they realize how much they teach and encourage me (God has each angel…). There are lessons so profound that we cannot express them in words. There are prayers so sublime that they are only made by the heart, they do not reach the lips.

Thank you, Lord, for not letting me give up and let me down and always show me the way to start over, to restore, to hope. Your love is so perfect and wise. Who would dare question your ways?

Accept, Father, this day as a prayer.

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